Double Delight Rose

If you are looking for roses that are fragrant, have bright beautiful color, then Double Delight is a good choice to start with.


It is a hybrid tea rose, with an outstanding bicolor, combining creamy white with strawberry red. Its parents were two hybrid tea cultivars – the red and yellow ‘Granada’ and the ivory ‘Garden Party’.


Double Delight is bred by Swim & Ellis and introduced in 1977. This rose won All America Rose Selections Award, which is the highest honor a rose can achieve in America. In fact, it is the most complete and thorough testing program in the world.


I would strongly suggest this rose for beginners because it is quite easy to care for. It is a shrub type but can grow up to 5 feet tall. What I love the most about Double Delight is its phototropic characteristics, which can be seen when it turned red in the sun. The big bloom starts with a nicely formed cream color with strawberry markings on the outer ring of petals as they unfold, then after a few days in the sun the whole petals will turn dark pink. The fragrance is really strong, fruity and sometimes spicy.


However like most rose plants, its green matte foliage is susceptible to black spot and mildew.

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