Yellow Cosmos

I found this picture of yellow flowers taken in May 2012. I think it is cosmos but after reading description on cosmos, I realized that my cosmos have smaller petals and very different structure of leaves.

I planted it from seed given by a friend. However due to my lack of knowledge in growing annual flowers it died after a month or two.

Some of the info about cosmos taken from Aggie Horticulture – Cosmos Produces Cosmic Beauty

Yellow cosmos is a sun – loving annual; it will not produce as many blooms if grown in the shade. Choose a location that receives at least 8 – 10 hours of direct, sunbathing sunlight. Cosmos will perform best if grown in well-drained soil. Yellow cosmos is not a heavy feeder. Excess fertilization will cause plants to produce excessive leaf growth at the expense of flower production.

These were the biggest mistakes I made with my plant. I over water, put them in shade and fertilized them too much..haha!

Next time, I know what I should do with annuals like cosmos 🙂

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