Rouge Royale Rose

If you are planning to plant dark red rose bush with a heavy fragrance, then I would suggest this Rouge Royale.

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The deep burgundy red buds open to reveal perfectly quartered bright raspberry red, old-fashioned blooms. These sturdy blooms hold up well in rain and heat and have a sweet fragrance of citrus and fresh ripe berries.


Rouge Royale is the winner of the Fragrance Award at the Rose Hills International Rose Trials in 2003.


The plants can grow up to 4 feet tall and present flowers on long stems suitable for cutting. The flowers have up to 80 petals with a strong, berry and citrus fragrance. It is supposed to have a good disease resistance but mine does get blackspot every now and then especially when it is rainy season.


There are many advice among rose planters to treat this rose as cut flower since it lasts better in a vase, rather than in water and scorching sun. Next time my Rouge Royale blooms I am going to cut it and put it in a vase before it opens.

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