Barbarella Eggplants

When the online seeds seller put up this eggplant seeds for sale, I thought it looks wonderful. So I bought a packet and tried sowing it in the tray.

It didn’t take long for the seed to germinate. After a week or two I repot the plant to a bigger pot and look how big it grows.

At first I thought the texture of barbarella eggplant is like the typical round, purple eggplant we get in the market here in Malaysia. But after cooking it in fish curry, the inside didn’t become mushy. Or maybe because I harvested it before it ripens.


Barbarella eggplant is an Italian variety that is native to the island of Sicily.

This eggplant has a unique squat shape, that is very round and has slightly grooved sides.

The outer skin is a deep purple and when ripe forms a white halo under the calyx. The inner flesh is a creamy white color, contains small seeds and offers a mild nutty flavor with a slight sweetness.


Whether in a classic eggplant parmesan, or stuffed and baked with lamb, peppers, tomato, garlic and pine nuts, you’ll be in for a treat with our delicious eggplant.

Great for stir fries, baking, or sautéing. Enjoy this delectable summer treat while it’s here!

Well, next time I harvest the eggplant, I need to find an Italian recipe to cook it with 🙂

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