Cherry Tomato

I tried to plant cherry tomato from seeds with hope that one day I would be able to collect the tomato and eat them as salad. After 2 months of planting, out of 6 small plants which sprouted from the seeds, only 2 managed to grow big. And then they started to produce flowers.

I have been checking whether any of the flower turn into tiny green tomato but I couldn’t see any. I even thought perhaps I should try the manual pollination to help my tomato plant..haha!

And then a few days ago I saw this tiny red tomato hanging alone on the vine tip. I feel like jumping with joy watching my first home grown cherry tomato.

As I am writing this entry, I found some info about the two types of tomato plants from

“Tomato plants are vines, and they have two basic ways of growing, called determinate and indeterminate.

The vines of determinate varieties (sometimes called bush tomatoes) grow only 1 to 3 feet long, and the main stem and side stems produce about three flower clusters each. Once flowers form at the vine tips, the plant stops growing. This means determinate types set fruit over about a two-week period and then stop, which makes them excellent choices for canning.

Indeterminate tomatoes have sprawling vines that grow 6 to 20 feet long. Most produce about three flower clusters at every second leaf. They keep growing and producing unless stopped by frost, disease, or lack of nutrients, which means you can keep picking fresh tomatoes the whole season. Pruning is necessary, however, or they will put too much energy into vine production.”

I am not sure whether the cherry tomato plants I have is the determinate or indeterminate varieties. I think I have to read more about tomato planting after this.

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