Polyantha Rose – Yvonne Rabier

Taken from helpmefind.com:

White, near white or white blend Polyantha.
Registration name: Yvonne Rabier
Bred by Eugène Turbat & Compagnie (France, 1910).
White, light yellow undertones. Moderate fragrance. Medium, double (17-25 petals), in large clusters bloom form. Continuous (perpetual) bloom throughout the season.
Short. Dense foliage.
Height of 1′ to 3′ (30 to 90 cm). Width of up to 2′ (up to 60 cm).

From finegardening.com:

Polyanthas are celebrated for their profuse clusters of flowers that are produced in waves from late spring or early summer until fall. They are compact and disease-resistant, making them ideal for borders or hedges, and for growing en masse as a groundcover.

What I like best about this type of rose is its resistant to many common problems like blackspot, mildew and rust. Plus the stems are almost tornless.

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