More On Kenanga/Ylang Ylang

I think ever since I bought the plant in Floria 2011 (or was it 2010?), this is the first time that my kenanga (Cananga odorata var. Fruticosa) blooms so many buds.

I have started my rose garden early this year and used the Honeybee organic fertilizer, produced by a local rose lover. Since I would like to test the effectiveness of the fertilizer (they call it rosecare) I sprayed it on my cananga plant as well.

Check out the big blooms and the deep yellow color of the flowers. You can always compare with other pictures I shared of the Ylang Ylang plant previously.

The Rosecare fertilizer is also a combination of organic pesticide, insecticide and insect repellant, so I noticed there’s hardly any problem with the mealybugs since I started to spray it on weekly basis.

Now every time I go out to my small garden, I get to enjoy the heavy fragrance of Kenanga. What a bliss!

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