Few Blooming Roses In My Garden

Remember early this year I mentioned about adding roses into my garden collection?

Well from the first 9 pots, now I have 28 altogether. From the first 9 pots, 2 are dead..heh!

The latest 18 pots were bought in conjunction with my birthday month. After repotting them in terracotta pots (they came either in plastic pot or polybag), some of them continue to bloom since they already have buds when I bought them.

Every day I made it a point to go out and check all the new blooms. They really made my day. Of course I do the leaves picking as roses are very prone to get black spots especially when it’s raining daily.

This one is called chili red. It’s not the ID known by rose lovers worldwide but at least it’s a name to identify which is which.

I will write about those that I know their name like Queen of Sweden and Yvonne Rabier once they have flowers.

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