Ylang-Ylang : Pokok Bunga Kenanga

All the pictures of bunga kenanga plant I have in may garden were actually taken in July. I was watering all my plants that day when I noticed that two ylang ylang flowers have bloomed. And then I noticed the white infestation on the flowers..huhu!

Afraid that it might infect the rest of the plant, I decided to pluck out those two precious blooms. I still couldn’t find what the white thing is. Since I have had bad experience with butterfly caterpillar eating the whole plant of curry leaves last year, I didn’t want to take the chance and let those white things manifest.

A few days ago I noticed the same white things grow on my roses and bougainvillea branches..sigh! This time I sprayed with water from the hose and they fell down from those branches. Next time I think I will have to dissect and see what it is, just for the sake of knowing..haha!

Anyone know what the white pest is actually is? Is it harmful to the plant?


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