Ethical Products Anyone?

Lately it’s been very hard for me to find time to do gardening in my mini garden. However I did notice that some of the plants and herbs have been attacked by bugs. Most of the healthy leaves have been eaten..huhu!

I was looking for recommended pesticides or herbicides when I come across EthicalOcean marketplace and blog. I have to find a suitable remedy to my bugs problem since I need to put the herbs in my cooking. It has to be plant based, eco friendly, non toxic and every bit ethical to the earth..huhu..tough selection, right!

While browsing through the marketplace, I also found recycled jewelry..(talk about procrastination now, after all who go and spray bugs in the middle of the night..haha!)

It is really inspiring to see how materials like coconut shells being crafted into beautiful and unique jewelry like rings and necklace. Those coconut shells are even dyed with vegetable base.

And not only that, some of the sellers on the marketplace are behind the idea of countering sex slavery in country like India. Their enterprise make social change by helping women all over the world earn money by producing all these wonderful products.

Well, there’s a lot more of ethical aspects that we as consumers have to take into consideration. Next time when I go shopping, I will try to think of how the products have been made and the people behind it.

Oh, this gardenia plant is still safe from the attack of the eating leaves bugs..heh!

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