Vallaris Glabra-Kesidang Flower

I found these pictures in my May 2011 folder.

It has been a while since I have any good gardening material to write about. I think the Kesidang plant I have at home will only bloom like once a year..haha!

I am not sure whether I have mentioned that I got another pot of Vallaris Glabra or bunga kerak nasi from a nearby plant nursery.

When I bought the second bunga tikam seladang plant, it was flowering. Now I am still waiting for it to bloom again. I have tried using the tut lentur technique (propagate by layering) to propagate the first Kesidang plant I have many years back, but it failed.

I love the sweet scented smell of pandan leaves that come from the blooming Kesidang flowers.

They are such a joy to my heart, see even the ants love them.

I hope I will be able to grow a tall and big plant of Kesidang in years to come so that one day I would be able to make bunga rampai for my own son’s wedding using the flowers..hehe!


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