Cattleya Blooms For 2011

I was looking for other pictures to write a blog entry when I found these cattleya images. They were taken in February 2011. It must be one of those days that I managed to snap some pictures of my plants.

It has been a while since I fertilized my cattleya. I think the last time was in 2010. Sometimes I just didn’t have the time and chance to go out to the lawn to water them..sigh! Luckily most of the plants including cattleya are still alive and standing..huhu!

As you can see the new flowers of cattleya come from the new ‘pseudobulbs’. I’ve quoted about this in my previous entry – Cattleya Orchid.

Each year a dormant bud at the base grows into a new shoot. This thickens to produce the current year’s pseudobulb.

The flowers arise from the axil of the current year’s leaf where a protective sheath usually develops.

I will try to make time to fertilize the cattleya one of these days and see whether it will bloom again. As they say, some cattleya could flower twice yearly.

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