More Pictures of Kemuning – Murraya paniculata

I found more info about this kemuning flower as I do some research to write this entry.

Apparently, it can be grown to form a hedge or topiary as shown in iGarden – Murraya paniculata.

It is also known as orange jessamine or mock orange in Hawaii. They say its strong and divine fragrant smell like orange blossoms (which I wouldn’t know because there’s no orange tree in Malaysia..huhu!)

Oh, it also has a bigger variant and a dwarf one. What I have at home is perhaps a dwarf one. A tall tree can grow up to 10-15 feet while the dwarf one to 2-4 feet.

This tropical plant originated from India to Malaysia (South East Asia).

And some claimed that they have successfully propagated the cuttings of this plant by putting the trimmings in potting soil (which I will try soon). Just imagine how fragrant my front porch will be when 3-4 pots of these lovely plants bloom altogether.


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