Cape Jasmine – Gardenia

I think the last time I wrote about my Gardenia was in December. Luckily this time in February, a new flower has bloomed.

The gardenia or as some call it Cape Jasmine is such a fragrant flower. However it doesn’t last very long. For those who like to read about the botanical aspect of it, please read my first entry here – Gardenia-Bunga Cina.

It seems that I still can’t understand the temperament of the Cape Jasmine I have. The buds you see in the picture, most of them didn’t manage to bloom.

I hope I get to see some, or at least one flower for the month of March. I really have to check the fertilizer for azalea as suggested for gardenia. For now I have been spraying the Gardenia plant on weekly basis with seaweed based fertilizer I bought during MAHA 2010.

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