Pink Rose In My Garden

I was so happy when this particular pink rose plant I have finally bloomed. The other rose plant which I bought at the same time as her has been flowering many time over the year, but she has not.

I can see that this particular pink one does not have as many petals as the other cabbage rose I have.

I still couldn’t find the correct type of this pink rose. Have been reading through many pages online but yet to find a correct variety and type. But one thing for sure it has the sweet, rosy fragrance. And it is a thorny rose plant as well. Oh, even the leaves are scented as I can smell every time I pruned it.

The next day when I peaked from my living hall curtain, I noticed it has bloom to its full size. I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped its picture. How lovely and big it was compared to the small plant it comes from.

True to my prediction, it only has few petals, but big ones. I am not sure how long it will last. I hope it will bloom again soon!

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