Cattleya Orchid

It took me sometime to find the correct group which this orchid belongs to. Initially I was given the bulbs by my SIL and since I never see the flower, I was not sure whether it is the usual dendrobium or something else.

After researching further, I think it is really a Cattleya orchid. You see, with that group of orchid the basic description is like this:

This group of orchids have short thick stems topped with usually a single stiff leaf. The flowering spike emerges from the top of the short stem surrounded by a papery sheath (like a pea pod). This is burst open by the growing flowers within.

These are often quite compact plants that flower easily and are available in a mouthwatering range of colours. Some have beautiful scents too as a bonus. (Taken from

From website

The plants produce strong ‘pseudobulbs’ topped with one or more leathery leaves.

Each year a dormant bud at the base grows into a new shoot. This thickens to produce the current year’s pseudobulb.

The flowers arise from the axil of the current year’s leaf where a protective sheath usually develops, and come in a range of colours from white and pink to green and purple, depending on the parentage and genera. Some flower twice yearly.

For those interested to try their hand in growing Cattleya orchid, be warned that this kind of orchid is quite a tough plant but do not over water them. For feeding requirement, use high nitrogen feed to boost growth and high potash feed to ripen the bulbs.

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