Mother In Law’s Tongue – Sansevieria trifasciata

At first when I edited the picture of this Lidah Mak Mertua plant, I thought it belongs to dracaena family. But after searching for the info, I realized that it is a species of Sansevieria plants. It is also known as snake plant because of the shape of the leaves and mother in law’s tongue for the sharpness.


I was not really fond to have this plant in my house as it has very sharp thorns at the end of the stiff leaves. But since my SIL gave me the almost dying plant last year, I thought what the heck, just give it a chance to grow..heh!

So here is the picture of my snake plant after some tender loving care. The best part is you don’t need to water it very often as it will rot easily if overwatered. Good for someone with hectic schedule and lack of time to do gardening on daily basis.


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