New Pandan Plants

I have been very busy with my other obligation that I neglect my garden and my gardening blog. Wish I have more time to devote to it. It’s sad to realize how much unloved and uncared for all my plants have been ever since I have been busy.

About 2 months ago my big pandan plant died. I used the leaves mostly for cooking chicken rice and making sweet delicacy. I think pandan leaves is like vanilla pod. You use them for the smell and aroma not really eating the leaves (unless in certain delicacy, you blend the leaves to get the strong fragrant plus the green essence).


So I finally found a nursery that sell herbs plants and I was going crazy with all the plants they have. I almost spent all the money in my wallet buying those flowering plants and herbs I have been dreaming to own for so long.

Now I know where to look for to add to my garden collection. Together with this pandan plants, I bought cempaka and kesidang. (I will take their pictures once they start flowering again) Those two are plants with strong fragrance flowers. Oh, there is another one but I can’t remember the local name.

I have to check the list that the nursery owner gave me. They even prepared a list of all available tropical herbs and plants. Next time I have to tick which one I already bought for easy reference..haha!


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