The Galangal-Lengkuas

If you ever wonder how galangal (lengkuas)plant looks like, check out the picture below. The picture was taken right before it started to rain last week. I have to dig out the rhizome because I need it to cook singgang. If you want to learn what singgang is all about, do drop by at my cooking and food blog, later.


I hardly used lengkuas in my cooking so usually when I bought lengkuas at the market, I always end up having a growing one in the kitchen.

It is quite easy to grow, you just soak the rhizome in water and after a few days you can see new eyes coming out and if you really let it soak further you can actually see new roots and leaves starting to grow.

That’s why I have such a big lengkuas plant at the yard in front of my house. It’s all because of the soaking I did to save the bought galangal rhizome, haha!


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